Return of investment for HVAC degrees


An individual can get great satisfaction from using their hands to help people get the basic life comfort of keeping cool and staying warm. If such a person is good at ensuring this comfort for residents and employees, then he or she can earn a decent salary in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) careers.

1. The prospects

The demand for well-trained HVAC technicians is very high. Job prospects are good and the industry offers good salaries since the work is essential. What technicians do affects the way people live and work, as it ensures their working and living environments are comfortable and safe. This expanding market shows that getting a HVAC degree means there are high chances of getting a good job and rewarding career.

2. The cost

By comparing the cost of getting a HVAC degree with the salary that a graduate can get, then it becomes clear that the degree is a great investment. Tuition costs for any HVAC degree program depends on several factors. One of the factors determining it most is whether the program is done in-campus or online.

There is quite a big difference between online HVAC programs and enrolling for these programs in ground schools. For the most part, online programs offer trainees theoretical training and assessment of skills. On the other hand, technical schools offer an in-depth training that has significant practical aspect. Many of such schools have laboratories equipped with HVAC equipment. One interesting thing though, is that the approximate course duration for both is the same.

An advanced program like Applied Science/Associate of Occupational Studies typically costs between $20,000 and $30,000. This will depend on the institution as well as the training facilities it has. A Bachelor of Science degree in HVAC takes twice as much time, i.e. four years, and hence it costs more. Additionally, a person must have an Associate Degree in HVAC before enrolling for a Bachelor program. An important thing to bear in mind is that the curriculum of both in-campus and online HVAC programs is very similar, you can find many programs and compare using HVAC degree directory combined by The main goal of both curriculums is to give the trainee basic skills for applying on the job.

Licensing fees for technicians usually range from $75 to $300. In the state of Virginia for example, the license fee is $90, with exam fees ranging from $30 to $90. In Texas, there is an application fee of $50, a $90 exam fee and a license fee of $115.

3. The return

Technicians with experience in HVAC are capable of earning between $25,000 and $75, 000 a year. This presents a great opportunity for individuals who want to attain a degree in the field either in-campus or online. Nothing is as satisfying as enrolling for a degree program that offers everything about HVAC technology and then applying it in a well-paying career. Many people would like to know how much money they can earn per year knowing about this field. The truth is that any experienced HVAC technician can earn anywhere between $30,000 and $50, 000 per year depending on their qualifications, knowledge and experience on the field. It is worth knowing that engineers are the highest levels of HVAC experts, and they earn about $75,000 a year to carry out HVAC tasks that are quite advanced in nature.

Anyone who is a technician in the field can get jobs requiring their services within established businesses. Alternatively, they can form their own private practices to serve neighboring communities with such services. Each community needs a HVAC expert to assist them with whatever heating or air-conditioning problems they are facing, just have a look at the average day of HVAC tech:

It is thus important for an individual to get a HVAC degree so that he or she can get a job in the market with a great salary, or start their own business.

There are numerous great HVAC related jobs out there that are well paying. However, it is up to an individual to find them and acquire the best training possible. Some HVAC control technicians can earn about $60,000 per year for just supplying materials to business establishments and homes. Experts in the field are quite useful in providing solutions to people needing help with ventilation and air-conditioning, together with refrigeration systems needing maintenance and repair. By becoming such an expert, a person can get a well-paying job and jump-start a career that will earn him or her a comfortable living.

Federal Government and Affordable Education

Research has shown that American education is very expensive. Only a select few from the rich families can afford higher education. This has had a big group of Americans disadvantaged as far as education is concerned. The government has however been on the look on ways to solve this national problem. Since 2009, president Obama, his administration and congress have had great steps to curb this challenge. This is what many have called a historic investment in higher education:


Some of these steps that have been achieved through the investment are:

  1. Raising a maximum Pell Grant award up to $900
  2. Created the American opportunity tax credit
  3. Increased loan repayment programs
  4. Enacted landmark federal student aid reforms that removed the student aid reforms to avoid wasteful bank subsidies.
  5. Increased by more than 50% students from poor families joining college.

Others include individuals, colleges, universities, organizations and companies coming up with commitments. Such are aimed to support financially the welfare of the American students no matter their financial status. According to the American federal government, education is important to all students. In fact, it is the president’s call to all Americans o come up with innovative measures to boost this cause.

Another very important step is the ‘Pay As You Earn’ that the president himself is committed to see it running. This ensures that every student who is willing can access this program. This program also helps students to manage their loans so that by the time they finish college, they are able to clear their loan without much struggle.

What most of those from low-income earning families have opted to do to engage in cheap education:



Such are like the pharmacy technician education and degrees. This is two year courses that one can learn from home online. They are certificate and diploma courses that can be manageable to many. In given conditions, becoming a pharmacy technician, for example, is a great opportunity for recent high school graduates, and has prepared a detailed guide on this. The government is also encouraging such courses though now with much provision of job opportunities. This helps those students who have qualified for higher education to have a place in the society.

Pharmacy technician degrees are provided by over 300,000 colleges in America. This prepares students to fit in the high demand industry of the top pharmacy technician employers. With this qualification, all fit in the best position to be of help in the society. The goal is to have all Americans become educated. Such is to ensure that by 2022, America has attained its position as the best rated country in education provision. The government and the whole America is up to the move by the president to achieve this national objective.

Entry-level healthcare careers are on the rise

The healthcare field has rapidly growing considering that more students are graduating from medical colleges & schools and getting absorbed in the same field. Over the past fifteen years, the healthcare sector in the United States has grown by over 105% with not only more health are students graduating, but also increased facilities such as well equipped hospitals, health centers and more health workers employed into the sector. There has been an increase in terminal illnesses due to change of lifestyles with regard to simplified lives due to advanced technology.

People do not value any physical exercises and they spend most of their times on their smart gadgets – this has led to the increased need for advanced health services. As a result of these advancements, there are more opportunities for college students and even fresh graduates to get entry-level jobs in the healthcare sector. Some get in as medical assistants, medical trainees, audiologists, nurses, radiation therapists, physician’s assistants and any other in-between job that can be managed at their level.

Major contributors of this rapid growth

Advanced technology

With the current changes and advancement in technology, the healthcare sector has not been left behind in terms of what technology can do which was previously not possible due to limited knowledge and skills to perform various procedures. It has now been possible for specialists in this sector to improve their performance by accessing diverse information globally as well as accessing professional opinions and methods that have worked on other patients. This way they are able to apply on their clients.

Higher number of firms now interested in research and development – As technology advances, more firms have come up to engage in thorough research on various diseases with their respective control or treatments, better health care equipment and machines as well as alternative ways of treating various diseases and health–related disorders. This has caused the healthcare sector to move to a higher level where by whatever that used to kill patients in the past centuries does not necessarily do so now and this has lowered the mortality rate, that was previously high due to certain medical conditions.

Changing lifestyles

In this century, people are less physically active than in the previous years. There has been inventions of less physically-involving ways of doing things. There is mobile money transfer in some countries so that one will not have to move to make any transactions. Wireless internet has enabled teleconferencing where people don’t have to meet physically for official or informal gatherings. It is also possible to work from the house with good Internet connection. Due to this, people have developed health complications that have consequently pushed those in the health sector top advance so as to address the needs.

This, as a result, has brought to amazing growth of careers in healthcare industry:

Healthcare careers growth in upcoming years.

Healthcare careers growth in upcoming years.

Live example of phlebotomy technicians

A phlebotomy technician is a medical specialist who draws blood from patients and prepares it for further testing. As a result of the growth in the healthcare sector, more patients have gained trust in the services these specialists offer since they are assured of getting the right testing procedures on their blood samples hence accurate results and interpretations. As a result, even such an entry-level career benefits from current situation, and recent research of phlebotomy salaries has proven this point. Some patients fear needles and therefore phlebotomy technicians are trained to gain trust and confidence with patients, so as to carry out their procedures smoothly. In some states, it is required for phlebotomy technicians to be licensed and the training of these specialists is cheaper compared to others. In some medical careers like nursing, it is a requirement for one to have gone through a phlebotomy training since they are involved in procedures similar to those of these specialists.

A phlebotomist is required to have excellent social skills due to the high interactions with patients and it is crucial to address their emotional needs like fears, anxieties and other needs before, during and after attending to these patients. In the United States, the average starting salary of a phlebotomy technician is $36,400. According to the BLS data from 2013, the average pay of a phlebotomy tech in a hospital or private clinic was $12.50 per hour but for those that were working in a physician’s office or laboratory the pay increased to $13.00 per hour. This is a reasonable wage considering the relatively minimal training such specialists undergo. At the entry-level, the expectation is a minimum of $25000.